What is Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a type of health insurance plan, Which covers a group of people working in the same company. It is very beneficial for the employees. Because its premium is paid by the owners of the company. Group health insurance coverage is extended to family members of employees in many companies.

Why is there a need for group insurance?

A typical employee benefit is group life insurance, which pays a death benefit to the insured’s heirs.

If he dies while working for the company.

It is intended to provide financial help to the families of these employees.

What is meant by Group Accident Insurance?

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme on the death or damage of state government officials and employees in accidents

  • It has been started with the objective of providing insurance cover.
  • Under this scheme, an insurance cover of up to three (3) lakhs is given at a fixed annual premium.

Who Should Buy Group Health Insurance Plan?

Group Health Insurance
Group Health Insurance

Large organizations and established startups

Being a large and established start-up, the organization – employees also want benefits like health insurance as part of their package. So, if you have a company that has 1000 or less members, you should cover them and their dependents with a Corporate Health Insurance Plan . Which will not only give them security, but will also increase the credibility of your organization.

Small companies and young startups

If you are a young start-up of your own, and have a team of at least 15 members, you can sign-up for a group health insurance plan that will not only protect your employees, but also your tax Will also help you save. If you are very worried about the money involved, then do not worry, because group health insurance plans can be customized according to the financial and employee numbers of the company.

Mid-sized companies and growing startups

If you run a company but have been around for a while, you can choose to protect your employees with a group health insurance plan. This will not only help in increasing the happiness and enthusiasm of your employees, but will also help you in retaining them for a longer period of time.

What is included in group health insurance?

A group health insurance policy covers employees for a number of health care expenses such as inpatient

Hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses,

Covers for daycare procedures, expenses for ambulance etc.

What is covered under Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy?

This policy covers pre-hospitalization (30 days) and post-hospitalization (60 days) expenses,

140+ day care procedures, mental illness treatment, HIV/AIDS treatment, organ donor medical expenses, ambulance charges,

Morbid obesity treatment provides correction of refractive error. If applicable as per conditions.

How does group medical policy work?

Group insurance is a type of insurance plan that covers multiple people in a single contract.

Such a scheme is open to all members of the group irrespective of their age, sex, occupation or socio-economic status.

Provides the same level of insurance coverage.

What are the benefits of group insurance?

A group insurance policy helps in taking care of the financial security part of the employees.

As an employer, thus, you can protect your employees and their loved ones.

One can choose from various group term life insurance options to protect against the uncertainties of life.

How to claim Group Medical Insurance?

Present bills, prescriptions, discharge summaries and other required documents when you request reimbursement.

Download and fill up the reimbursement form available on the insurance website.

Submit the form along with the medical records to the insurance company. The check will be given after the claim is approved.

How do I claim group insurance?

Submit the required documents like original death certificate, insurance copy, etc. to the insurance company.

Once these documents are submitted, the insurance company will assess the details and

If approved, will settle the claim accordingly.

How many types of group insurance are there?

Group insurance comes in the form of many other plans such as group health insurance,

  • group term life insurance,
  • Group Travel Insurance,

Group Personal Accident Insurance, Group Travel Insurance and Group Insurance.

What is the difference between group health insurance and individual?

The main difference between group health insurance and individual health insurance is that in a group plan,

Coverage is shared among a group of related people under a certain condition.

Whereas an individual health insurance policy covers only the policyholder.

What are the features of group insurance?

It offers multiple benefits ranging from uniform cover for all to rank cover for different grades of members.

Some group insurance plans provide cover for outstanding loans to a group of borrowers,

While some come with critical illness and disability benefits.

What are the disadvantages of group term insurance?

Group term life insurance generally does not provide as large a death benefit,

as much as you can get yourself. How much life insurance do you need,

Depending on this, it might be wise to buy an individual plan as well.

What is Group Hospitalization Policy?

Group Hospitalization Policy is a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Covers your employees and their families for sudden illness, accidents and unexpected hospitalization

And is designed to provide complete protection against a family floater policy issued to a corporate.

What is Group Insurance Scheme for Government Employees?

The object of the ‘Scheme’ is to provide for the Central Govt.

At low cost and on fully contributory and self-financing basis,

Dual benefit of insurance cover to help their families in case of death in service and

Lump sum payment to enhance their resources on retirement.

What does group personal accident cover?

Group Personal Accident Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for all accident related expenses.

In case of accidental death of the life assured,

Then the entire sum assured is paid to the nominee.

In case the life assured loses vital organs, the entire Sum Assured (100%) is paid.

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