What are Search Engines and Examples – Uses of Search Engine

What is a Search Engine:- In this world of technology, you must have also heard the name of Search Engines and you also use Search Engine every day to get any kind of information. But whether you know what is Search Engine, what is the work of a Search Engine, and how many types are there?

Today the post is going to be a lot of help for you people, today what are the search engines, you are going to get a lot of good information about the search engine.

So read this post in detail from beginning to last so that you can understand all the information well, so let’s start.

what is a search engine?

For example, imagine that we have reached the era when there was no search engine but the internet was there! In those days, any person had to get any information, then he had to go to a website and find it manually, which was a long task, no one has so much time today.

But today it is not at all like going to different pages of the website to find any information.

Because we have big search engine platforms like Google and Bing from where we can get all the information in one click.

According to the date, we can get the information also, if we want to see the latest news today, then we can see that the world has become digital.

How search engine works

Crawling – Millions of spiders, bots, and programs of search engines bring data of millions of websites from the Internet and store it in their database server. This process is called (crawling).

Indexing- When any person comes to Google and does some search, then Google shows hundreds of websites in front of that person, this process is called Indexing. Before indexing websites in its search, Google tests them on the criteria of about 200 factors and then shows them according to their quality in its search.

This is how the search engine works, which you use in your daily life.

Why search engine is important

Search is very important for the internet to run smoothly, it makes our work much easier, it is very difficult for us to get any without search, so the search engine is very important for us with the internet.

The search engine sends traffic to the new website, due to which it becomes very popular even in working time.

I hope that today you must have understood what a search engine is and why it is important, thank you all for visiting our website.


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