Top 5 Most Played Online Games in The World

What is Game In today’s time, everyone is a fan of the game, thousands of millions of people like to play the game, even though everyone has a different choice, someone likes to play a game, someone else and most people like to play the game from their android mobile. Because not everyone has a computer or laptop, in today’s video we will know about the top 5 online games that come in the list of most popular games and I hope you will like all these games. Read till and understand all the information well


The angle of this game is not known in today’s time, In this one type of mission is given which you have to complete PUBG Corporation is the developer of this game, it was made for special mobile, most of the users are from mobile.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale This game was release on July 21, 2017 This game is design by Eric Holmes and made for many platforms such as Epic Games for computer mobile ios Its developer Battle royale game is an action shooter game In which many missions have to be complete, with the help of weapons, one of the most popular game has millions of users, you can also check it out.


MINECRAFT, which became so popular some time ago that it had made a record on YouTube, there was a video of puzzle minecraft game on YouTube, which got the most views, it is still a paid game, its trial version also Available Hussey is a very good game you can download by going to Google Play Store.


Initial release date It was launch in 11 March 2014. Its developer is Blizzard Entertainment. Talking about the platform, it has been made for all these platforms like macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS Android File install size approx 35 MB Which is quite small, it is good for Android user, you can download this game for free.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a version shooter game, is made by Electronic Arts, it is a super game, it was launch on 4 February 2019 ie its design was done by Mackey Mc Candlish Talking about the composer, Stephen Barton is the one to develop Panic Button Games and Respawn Entertainment is its developer for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, all these platforms, download and use it


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