Top 5 Free Screen Recorder No Watermark No Time Limit

If you are also a YouTuber and you want to do screen recording for your channel videos, whether you have a vlog or you play games and you also have a laptop or computer.

And you also want to record your computer screen and make video of all the work you do in it, so there will always be a question in your mind that I should do like recording my computer screen.

You people must have seen such software are paid, but in this post you are going to talk about the free software, you will be able to use unlimited with free without any limit.

So would you like to know which is such a software, then read the blog post from beginning to last, only then you will understand all the information correctly.

5 Free Computer Screen Recording Software

1OBS Studio
2Share X
3Screen Rec
4Cam Studio
5A power soft
Top 5 Software Name List

Let us now know about their feats in detail and know what is their specialty – with complete information.

OBS Studio

Last but not the least, whose name is OBS Studio, yes you must know about it, especially if you are a gamer. This is also an open source free software, with the help of which you can do free of cost screen recording here.

Also you can do online streaming here. If you want to stream on you tube. This software is used especially by streamers and gamers, who also have to do streaming.

So here if you also want to do streaming then you must know about this OBS Studio software. Apart from this, if you have to do any kind of screen recording, then with the help of this you can do it easily.

Another feature of this is that – it can also record high resolution video. It can also record in-built audio as well. Apart from this, you can do online streaming with unlimited video length.

Yes ! Using it is a bit complicated. But once you know how to use it, you can do online streaming through it. All the professional gamers are there today, they all use OBS software here.

Share X

The next free screen recording software is Share X, which is a very popular screen recording software. The good thing is that this software is open source, with the help of which you can capture the screen for free as well as share it online.

The process of downloading it is also the same i.e. you can easily download it by searching in Google. Another feature of this is that it is very secure.

Screen Rec

Screen Rec By going to Google, you will simply search Screen Rec then you will get the first link, by clicking on that link you will be able to download this software for free.

The most important feature of this software is that here you will not get to see any kind of watermark and also you can do screen video recording of unlimited length here. In this software you can take screen shot, it has a lot of lotus feature.

Cam Studio

 Exactly the same way is open source free software. You will also easily find it on the official website and you can download it without any hassle.

Apart from this, if you want to send a tutorial to someone, then in such a condition you can use this software. This software is for Windows laptop and PC.

A power soft

This software is also going to be absolutely free for you people, go to Google and search A power soft and you will be able to download it easily from its official website.

In this you will not get to see any kind of watermark and the length of video recording is also unlimited.

Also you can add webcam here, that means this software also supports webcam. With the help of which you can do screen video recording as well as your face recording. Especially this software is used to give presentation, online tutorial, guide.


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