Improve the Quality of Your Life

Many people have heard the term quality of life, but it is an important keyword when considering improving the quality of life. It is a term often used in the medical and welfare fields, but the quality of life is deeply related to work styles and private life.

In this article, I will explain how working generations improve the quality of life in their work.

What is Quality of Life (QOL)?

“Quality of life” (hereinafter referred to as “QOL”) is a concept that emphasizes not only physical affluence but also mental affluence and whether an individual can lead a fulfilling life. QOL is used as a measure in daily life to consider whether each person is living their own life or having a happy working style.

Before the period of high economic miracle, the perspective of how to secure food, clothing, and shelter was the most important thing in life. Of course, securing food, clothing, and shelter is important even in modern times, but in general, it is relatively easy to secure food, clothing, and shelter if you can work and earn income.

However, it cannot be said that we are happy if we secure food, clothing, and shelter. Many people have trouble building relationships, find their work worthwhile, and have mental problems in their daily lives. QOL is a concept that combines physical satisfaction and mental satisfaction. If you have nothing to enjoy, have long drowsiness, or have no competition in your life, think about ways to improve your quality of life.

Relationship between quality of life (QOL) and work

What I would like to consider to improve QOL is how I work. The quality of life depends greatly on the content of the work. Due to the declining working population affected by the declining birthrate, it used to be the norm for long working hours.

Nowadays, the government-led “work style reform” is gradually permeating the review of working hours and the improvement of labor productivity. It can be said that an increasing number of people are demanding more spiritual affluence than financial satisfaction for their work.

What is work style reform? Think about the benefits for workers and businesses to make it happen

“Working freely” is the key point as one of the working styles to improve QOL. Speaking of working, it was common to commute to work, but more and more companies are accepting working from home using IT technology.

If you can work from home by teleworking, you will be able to work efficiently in your spare time and you will be able to allocate your commuting time to something else. The more free time you have, the more mental space you have and the better your quality of life.

What is telework?

Parallel carrier option to improve quality of life (QOL) There is a concept of a “parallel career” as a free way of working to improve QOL. A parallel career means building “another career” apart from your main business. It includes not only work but also volunteer activities.

What is a parallel carrier Explain the merits of parallel carriers and points to note in practice

Until a decade ago, many people felt that working outside the company, they worked for or volunteering was a high hurdle. However, we have an increasing number of companies that recognize the sideline now. To improve the QOL, why not also put in a choice of that work in the company of this sideline OK. Even Sakura Internet has been recognized sideline, and it has boosted the sideline as the system of the company.

Company employees just because, or always being forced to do not want to do their own, to or allowed to work overtime as private time runs out, it says that way of working that QOL does not match the important modern.

If such work then there is dissatisfaction in the way, it is possible to want to do, also considered the option of parallel career to work freely. QOL is improved, would be high life it is also likely to give a positive effect also on the core business of the work in that is substantial.

For quality of life (QOL) improvement is important private it is!

To improve the productivity of the work, a person at the expense of private activities, such as hobbies or sports you have occasionally, but this may result in the opposite effect. In life, it is very important to breathe. Private activities to reduce stress, of course, will lead also to increase creativity. Many people narrow their horizons and cannot think flexibly because they are only working.

It is important to work hard and earn money, but that alone makes it difficult to improve your quality of life. To have healthy both physically and mentally, try to carry out private activities. Because private is a substantial thing that also comes motivation of what work.

QOL can be improved with a little bit of everyday feeling. For example, try to be grateful in your daily life. The act of thinking something is more likely to be forgotten the busier you are every day. Some people may be more dissatisfied than they are grateful, but if they lose their gratitude, their mental fatigue will increase day by day.

If you look closely at happiness, there are many things around you. By consciously appreciating them without taking them for granted, QOL will improve and a sense of fulfillment will be created, which will lead to the ability to overcome dissatisfaction and malaise.

A diary is recommended as an approach to strengthening gratitude that leads to improved QOL. It only takes a few minutes, so write down what you are grateful for every day. By paying attention to gratitude, you will realize that you are happy. It will be fun to send it on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.

Think for yourself about how to improve your quality of life (QOL)

It is difficult to realize happiness just by living vaguely in daily life. It is also important to be aware of how to improve QOL from time to time. Each person has their way of thanking them for their casualness, for being absorbed in their hobbies, and for improving their quality of life. Think again about your way of working. Work is important, but if that is all you need to do, you want to be conscious of your mental comfort.

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