How to Buy Oriental Insurance Policy Online & Offline?

Oriental Insurance Company Limited is one of the top public sector insurance companies in India which became a legal corporation in Bombay on the 12th of September 1947. The company’s headquarters is located in New Delhi. It was previously a completely owned subsidiary company of Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Limited and later was established to fulfill the needs of General Insurance India.

From 1956 until 1973, the company was a subsidiary of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India until the company’s business generally insurance business in India became nationalized. It was in 2003 when the entire shares of the firm were handed over to the Indian Central Government. The shares were held in The GIC of India (General Insurance Corporation).

Oriental Insurance Services and Products:

Oriental Insurance Company provides a variety of insurance services and products. The top areas that the company provides insurance plans include two-wheelers and health insurance, as well as car personnel, and travel. Let’s look at these products in detail:

  • Oriental Motor Insurance: The motor insurance policies provided by Oriental Insurance Company are specifically created to protect the owners of the vehicle as well as their vehicle from various kinds of damage. The company provides a variety of products for automobiles and two-wheelers. It offers third-party as well as full insurance coverage.
  • Oriental Health Insurance: The health insurance plans offered by Oriental Insurance company make sure that your family members and you have the most comprehensive health insurance coverage. The primary goal the company has Oriental Insurance Company is to protect you and your family from high medical expenses. The company offers health insurance plans that cover every type of people, such as Individual groups, seniors, and Individual citizens.
  • Oriental Travel Insurance: The insurance plans for travel provided by Oriental Insurance Company provide advanced protection to protect policyholders from unfortunate events when traveling abroad. The company provides insurance protection against delays in travel, trip interruptions medical emergency, trip cancellations, etc. in a foreign country, and other problems related to traveling.

The principal goal of the business is to provide ‘Service to Customers in the field of General Insurance and this is the reason why it has grown to become one of the top general insurance companies in India. With the ever-growing popularity of online purchasing, The company now offers the majority of its general insurance policy online too.

How to buy an Oriental Insurance policy online:

As a general insurance firm, Oriental Insurance Company deals with the majority of insurance products, ranging in price from auto insurance, and health insurance to personal insurance policies and other. The plans can be purchased on the internet and offline. If you want to purchase the Oriental Insurance policy online, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Step 1.:Go to the official website of Oriental Insurance Company and then click on the Buy Online option from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2. Select your insurance plan, for example, motor insurance, health insurance, etc.
  • Step 3. The user will then be directed to the page with the details of the insurance plan you have chosen. Complete all required information and you will be taken to the page to pay to purchase your insurance policy.
  • Step 4. Make the payment using mobile banking or NEFT, net banking, or credit card, based on your preferences.
  • 5. Step 5: Oriental Insurance Company begins its process after you have submitted the application and issued the policy within a couple of days.

How to buy Oriental Insurance policy offline:

If you’re among the people who would like to purchase the Oriental Insurance policy offline, then visit the closest Branch of the organization, or purchase it from an authorized agent of the company.

Documents Required to Purchase an Oriental Insurance Policy:

To purchase the Oriental Insurance plan, you must provide these documents

  • Age proof like a mark sheet for 10 10 or birth certificates.
  • Documents that you know your Customer like Aadhar Card, Ration Card Voter Identification Card, Passport, PAN Card, or Driver’s License as proof of address and identification.
  • Documentation of income, such as the bank’s passbook or your pay slip.
  • Medical reports for health insurance.
  • Other documents are required by the insurance company.

Some of the Top Plans Offered by Oriental Insurance Company:

Below are a few of the most effective insurance policies offered by Oriental Insurance Company. Oriental Insurance Company:

  • Individual Mediclaim Policy: This health insurance policy is designed for individuals. It will cover the medical expenses of the insured as well as hospitalization.
  • Happy Family Floater Policy A Medical insurance coverage that is offered through Oriental Insurance Company for providing coverage for the entire family within the same policy. The insurance policy is offered in three different versions – Gold, Silver, and Diamond. You can buy this Happy Family Floater policy online.
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy: This policy is designed to cover you when you travel to an overseas destination together with family members.
  • Nagrik Suraksha policy: An insurance policy by the Oriental Insurance Company that provides insurance against total permanent disability and death, as well as permanent partial disability, loss of limb, etc.
  • Janata Personal Accident Policy: An effective insurance policy from Oriental Insurance India is the Janata Personal Accident policy. This policy covers all Indian citizens, regardless of profession, sex, or age. The maximum age for purchasing this policy is between 10 and 80 years.
  • Oriental House Holder’s Policy A house insurance plan that safeguards your home and the contents within it against a variety of unforeseen events, such as damage due to housebreaking, loss due to fire, etc.
  • Oriental Happy Cash policy: This policy is designed to provide daily cash benefits for the insured and their family members during hospitalization.

Summing It Up

Oriental Insurance Company Oriental Insurance Company has merged with United Insurance Company and National Insurance Company according to the announcement of the Government that was issued on the 02nd of February 2nd, 2018. The company’s products are available both offline and online. Being the first to pioneer techniques for conducting business, it offers insurance solutions for urban and rural populations. The company has received an A+++ for its excellence.

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