Types, Importance, and Benefits of Insurance in Brief

Health Insurance

A life insurance policy protects your family in the event of death due to an unfortunate event. At the basic level, it involves paying a small monthly amount called the premium. Depending on the coverage you choose, on the maturity of the policy, you will receive the amount of return that the policy would have … Read more

How to Buy Oriental Insurance Policy Online & Offline?

Oriental Insurance Company Limited is one of the top public sector insurance companies in India which became a legal corporation in Bombay on the 12th of September 1947. The company’s headquarters is located in New Delhi. It was previously a completely owned subsidiary company of Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Limited and later was established to fulfill … Read more

Defense Personnel Insurance

The Indian Armed Forces are our proudest of ours. From keeping an eye on the borders to safeguarding the law and order of city areas, the devotion is admirable. However, all this comes at costs to them personally and requires sacrifice. A lot of soldiers are stationed in remote areas that are far from the homes of their … Read more

Insurance For Health

My name is Sandeep, Editor at Trade Finance Global and here we are todayat ExCred International in London. I’m joined by Paul Heaney, Acting Secretary-Generalat the Berne Union. Paul, thanks for joining us on Trade Finance Talks TV. Thank you very much, So quick introduction in 30 seconds or so, who are you, where are … Read more