Building a Healthy Relationship

There is no “perfect person” in the world, but there are “important people” who build happiness together.

⦁ What is a healthy state in a relationship?
⦁ There is a good balance between what you give and what you get.
⦁ A person who can recognize the other person’s values ​​(the other person is OK, you are OK)
⦁ A person who can recognize the value of his existence
⦁ People who can care for their emotions
⦁ People who can interact with others at appropriate boundaries
⦁ A person who can take responsibility for himself/herself and the other person (Are you just shifting

Responsibility. Are you carrying the responsibility that others should take?)

⦁ People who can express their feelings and thoughts appropriately
⦁ People whose inner child is healed
⦁ Do not control the other person (recognition that you and others are different people)
⦁ I know myself (Is it self-analyzing?)
⦁ Social influence in building healthy relationships:

We have to wake up from the romantic ideals that have surrounded us since we were little. It does not matter, but, many songs, stories, and movies have imprinted the ideal image of unrealistic romance.

As we grow up, we create the meaning of falling in love and its ideal image and establish the standards of behavior and attractive people when we fall in love. This is an unmistakable fact.

That is why we need to change these current norms of love. For example, love should be unconventional and value everything as it is, love is eternal, it is something you get by betting everything, or it is a failure.

It is common to think that the marriage partner will support you and that if you lose that person, no one will replace you. However, this way of thinking does not create a balanced and healthy relationship, resulting in a stressful relationship that is emotionally co-dependent. This relationship changes your life with jealousy and forces you to be two. Is this love?

Harmony is the key to a balanced relationship:

In a stressful relationship, the happiness and health of one of them are prioritized. Jealousy grows and friendships and family relationships are sacrificed to secure time with partners.
Such harmful and dependent relationships can be painful and can lead to violence in our lives. That is why we need to turn unrealistic love illusions into real ones.

By respecting your partner, you can build a balanced and healthy relationship. Because I am in love, you do not have to blend into one. Keep this in mind. Even if you are in a romantic relationship, you have the right as an individual, and some desires cannot be satisfied only by the relationship with the other person.

Certainly, to maintain a romantic relationship, you must deepen your love while spending a comfortable time and intimate time. Otherwise, you will fall into a dependency and at the same time, you will not be able to build an independent, balanced and healthy relationship.

To prevent this from happening, you must build trust and forgiveness while limiting relationships so that you can stay healthy. At the same time, it is necessary to secure personal time and freedom. In other words, everyone should be guaranteed the right to spend their time freely.

The key to a long-lasting good relationship with a loved one is solid execution and action. For example, to enjoy the time you spend with someone, to laugh with someone, have a polite attitude to understand the other person even in discussions and quarrels, to build a good relationship. It is essential.

A polite attitude is key when you have a problem around you or when you have a conflict with someone. In addition, in a romantic relationship, it is important not to lose your personality. Do not criticize your opponent or trick them into maneuvering them the way you want. If you can truly enjoy the “time to do nothing” that you spend together, you can say that you are building a true romantic relationship.

Find someone who will always have a good time together:

  • To build a healthy relationship, you need to be a mature person mentally, accept change as needed, and change yourself.
  • When you love someone, you need smartness, a strong bond, and respect for each other. When you think about who you are going to be with and should be, it is a good idea to decide whether you can respect them or not.
  • Respect for the other person is of utmost importance to build a conscious and mature adult relationship that desires mutual happiness.

Don’t extinguish the passion that your partner has in your heart:

Extroverts are passionate about being absorbed in something, having a good time, sharing time with others, and providing people with the best of themselves. However, extroverts do not always choose the “right person” for their love affairs.

In other words, some people do not like extroverted partners treating everyone cheerfully and kindly, and others are offended by seeing extroverted partners shining at meetings and parties.

Instead of being pleased with the shining scene of an extroverted partner, this type of person tends to find himself annoying.

People with low self-esteem and unreliability in others tend to complicate relationships. From the fear that “I might be discarded”, collaboration and feeling fun is keen not seem willing the time to spend on things and it will erase the various passion of flame.

At times, they feel a strong sense of distrust and tend to think that their love is insufficient.
The key to a healthy relationship is to build happiness together with your partner. If you can, only feel sadness when you are together, and you cannot feel the honesty of the other person or yourself, there is a risk of depression.

To build a healthy and romantic relationship, it is important to have sincere happiness so that you can smile even in difficult times. Couples who have a healthy relationship laugh at each other and talk about each other’s relationships as jokes.

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