Top 5 Best Horror Games for PC

In today’s time, games are very much discussed because most of the people like to play games, some from their mobile or from their computer and laptop tablet. Playing games from video games is becoming popular for many years. But today we will look at the list of some horror games, we will talk about the top 5 currently running games we will know about them in detail, their names and whether it is free or you will have to pay for it, keep reading the post till the last Let’s start do

Note: If you are afraid of words like horror or you think that we will not be able to play these games, then you do not use horror games or if you are not afraid then you can play

1.The Evil Within
3.Resident Evil
5.Dying Light 2: Stay Human

1. The Evil Within 2

Evil Within 2 game is a game full of scary and terrifying scenes, this game has been developed during Tango Gameworks i.e. it is considered to be one of the popular Horror Game, the player adopts different methods to deal with the enemy. Evil Within 2 is considered one of the best horror games for the player’s means and ability because they require fierce combat.

The Evil Within 2 Game Price In India

If you want to play this game, then its price is different for different platforms, the information of which is given in the detail below, go and check

PC version  Rs 1,999
PS4/PS5 users Rs 2,999
Xbox users  Rs 2,499


Soma For players looking for horror game that doesn’t compromise with fear Soma is one of the best games for them. The game also adds in safe mode. Enemies will not attack all the players yet still the game never scares the players. It does not fail and creates a sense of fear. Soma comes in the list of popular horror games, if you do not have fear in your mind, then only you play or else let it be.

India Price List

SteamRS 729
PS4/PS5RS 2,372

3. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7, Occupant Evil 7 was an accepted re-visitation of an establishment that had to some degree lost steam as it was more similar to an activity game than loathsomeness as Resident Evil 6 moved around. While Resident Evil Village is the latest section in the series, in numerous ways, Resident Evil 7 might have an edge over its continuation concerning genuine loathsomeness. Top 5 Best Horror Games

What Resident Evil 7 in all actuality does very well is adjusting the tone between alarming body frightfulness, environmental ghastliness, and an intermittent snapshots of camp. Its in the continuation Resident Evil 7 is thought of as by quite a few people to be one of the most outstanding repulsiveness rounds ever. The game places players in charge of Ethan, a typical man without any weapons preparing who is facing powers of a remarkable nature a long ways past his capacities. The game might appear to be a piece overpowering at first however that is alright with ghastliness.

If you want to take interest in this game then you can download this game i.e. first you have to buy it’s India price you will get full details in below table

SteamRs 1,799
PS4/PS5Rs 1,499
XboxRs 1,500

4. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is FromSoftware’s adoration letter to H.P. Lovecraft’s inestimable shocking tales, which have accomplished sought after status in writing. The game is an average From Software title, and that implies it doesn’t forfeit test for playability.

In the game, players assume the job of an accused Hunter of freeing the roads of Yharnam of contaminated individuals, creatures and a wide range of infinite animals. The game beginnings for a tiny scope, has been viewed as one of the famous games.

It’s an extraordinary experience game. The game puts an unmistakable accentuation on repulsiveness, more so than some other From Software title, and it’s a truly alarming spot. The abhorrences come not just from the frightening plans of these animals, yet in addition from the dread that players might lose all their advancement.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5Rs 1,499

5. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Kicking the bucket Light 2 is an inquisitive parcel since like the first, the game is really one of two parts while day is for parkour and a wide range of activity set pieces with human foes. Evening is for unadulterated zombie frightfulness. Top 5 Best Horror Games

While the accentuation is on battle beyond what repulsiveness, Dying Light 2 can be especially creepy around evening time. Horrendous crowds of the undead can shape and flank posses from all bearings and overwhelm the player from pretty much anyplace. hello there demand every one of you, 

Make sure to peruse the disclaimer given beneath, in this numerous significant things have been told.

PC SteamRs 2,999
PS4/PS5, PlayStation StoreRs 3,999
Xbox Series X/SRs 3,990


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