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In today’s time, iPhone has become such a big brand that when we talk about mobile, it is considered number 1 in the mobile world, which everyone likes to use even when it comes to laptop, iOS is the best

But the iPhone is so much costly that not everyone knows how to buy it, but everyone wants to run Android is not so expensive which can be bought easily.

In today’s post we will talk about how you can convert your android phone to ios here we will talk about i phone 15 and ios 13 pro today we will setup complete i phone using 3 applications on your android phone I read the post till the end

1. i Control & iNoty iOS15

With the help of Control Center 15, you can change the style look of your Android phone like iOS, in this you have to follow 3 settings, allow permission,

it is very simple step, see the 3 option given below and do more The download Link of Mi Control 15 is given below and download it

  1. Notification Access
  2. Appear on Tap
  3. Accessibility

iOS Volume Style Button

In the volume style button you will find many button like Android iOS tab and many other device button, out of which you have to select iOS,

Allow permission its app download link is given below blue color button press

iPhone Call Screen Application

The one that brings the most perfect look is the call screen which gives a unique look to your Android device whenever you get a call, it looks very attractive when someone sees it, you can activate it very easily first of all.

Download the link given below, then open the app and allow the permission, turn on the call screen,

iphone 13 Pro Max App

In 13 Pro Max also you will get feature from the same, you have to choose one of these two centers either 15 or Pro to use all other app only then complete setup will be ready Download 13 Pro in blue color given below by button

For More Information

If you are having any problem in setting the application in any way, then for more detail click on the link of YouTube video given below and watch the video complete so that everything can be understood properly.

I hope you have liked the given information, if you liked it a little, please click on the push notification and allow so that you will get the update of next post.


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