What is Jeevan Pragati Policy

What is Jeevan Pragati Policy

Jeevan Pragati plan is a non-linked, with-profits plan that offers a combination of security and savings. During the term of this policy, there is a provision for self-increase in risk cover after every five years. Apart from this, the scheme also takes care of the semblance of liquidity through loan facility. How much is the … Read more

What is Car Insurance? – Types of Car Insurance

What is Car Insurance

Car insurance (or motor insurance) acts as a protective shield, protecting you against financial losses caused by theft, natural calamities, accidents and any liability arising out of them. Car insurance can cover third party vehicles as well as your own vehicle. There may also be cases when someone’s property has been damaged by you in … Read more

Life Insurance: Plans and Policies

Life Insurance

What is life insurance Life insurance is a legal agreement between the insured and the insurance company under which the insured pays a fixed premium and in return the insurance company provides protection for his life. If the life assured dies during the term of the policy, then the life insurance company pays the sum … Read more